We currently serve the Boulder County, CO area and vicinity. We'll help anyone who wants our help. Keep in mind, however, the households that are most likely going to get off fossil fuels without increasing your montly costs are those that:

  • Expensive items in your home are nearing the end of their lifetime and will need to be replaced. This includes furnaces, air conditioners, hot water heaters or your roof.
  • One of your gasoline cars could be replaced by an electric vehicle. That often means it' s used for shorter trips around town and you have a second gas vehicle for the mountains or longer trips.
  • You have excessively high utility bills

If one of the following are true, then we will have an easier time helping you get off fossil fuels without increasing your monthly costs. If none of these apply to you, it may still be a good long-term investment, but your monthly bills may go up for a while until the upgrades are paid off. Either way, we're happy to talk to anyone who is genuinely interested in reducing their fossil fuel use.

If you are a renter and have a good relationship with your landlord, let us know. We may be able to keep montly bills about the same by reducing utility bills and raising rent by the same amount.

Not ready yet or have a quick question?

Email: hello@fuelswitchsolutions.com