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Fuel Switch helps homeowners convert their existing houses to net zero energy in the most efficient, consistent, and cost-effective ways possible.

About Fuel Switch

Our story

Founded in 2016 as a general contracting company, Fuel Switch began as a pilot program for the city of Boulder, which needed help designing and implementing real solutions to meet its robust climate goals.

The city began by funding an in-depth study to better understand the best approach to achieving its carbon reduction goals. The study revealed that in addition to increasing its renewable electricity production, Boulder would need to reduce natural gas and gasoline consumption—most of which would be determined by its citizens, and especially its home-owning residents.

With homeowners playing a key role in how and if their city would achieve its carbon reduction goals, the next question was how?

The study proceeded to show that the best approach to implementing natural gas and gasoline-reduction solutions for individual residences would be on a comprehensive, whole-home level, with trained general contractors completing the bulk of the upgrades. Additionally, the financial gains and overall effectiveness of the energy improvements were shown to be enhanced when the upgrades were bundled.

With homeowners playing a key role in how and if their city would achieve its carbon reduction goals, the next question was how?

Fuel Switch is a partnership between the founders of Snugg Home, a leader in residential energy modeling software, and an expert residential remodeling contractor with more than 20 years of experience pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency, conducting green residential remodels, and helping homeowners by providing the most cost-effective and impactful home energy improvement solutions. This one-of-a-kind integration of skill sets has made Fuel Switch the most efficient, straightforward, and cost-effective way to convert existing homes to net zero energy.

How we work

Fuel Switch works the way a general contractor does, from initial project budgeting and energy analysis to project planning and permitting. Our team of expert contractors work with trusted trade partners to perform installations.

Our business is designed around efficiency. Having seen first-hand how notoriously inefficient residential remodeling can be, we’ve streamlined and perfected the process of estimating, generating proposals, and managing projects with seamless precision. Our trade partners work at lower costs because we take care of the sales, estimating, permitting, and billing, so they’re free to focus on what they do best: install great, energy efficient systems.

At the end of the day, we offer homeowners complete transparency, unparalleled industry expertise, dedicated service professionals, and first-rate energy-saving outcomes.

Meet the Team

Clay Dusel

Clay Dusel brings over 20 years of residential home improvement to the Fuel Switch team. Early in his career, Clay deconstructed homes at Boulder’s ReSource which diverts material from waste streams by selling them to homebuilders, hobbyist and construction workers. Clay started Dusel Custom Builders, a residential remodeling and green building company. During this time, Clay sat on the board of directors of the Boulder Green Building Guild, participated in contractor edu cation forums, and built a number of projects that pushed the boundaries of energy efficiency and creative material re-use.

Clay then spent 4 years working in Project Development at Melton Design-Build. He guided customers on projects of all sizes from initial phone call, design, estimating, permitting, construction and quality assurance.

Clay brings construction knowledge, customer service and project management skills to the Fuel switch team, along with a practical knowledge of effective home energy improvement solutions. Clay lives in Lyons with his wife and 3 daughters

Jeff Friesen

Jeff leads software development, working closely with both our internal team and our top-notch independent contractors. Using modern web and machine learning technologies, he’s helping Fuel Switch provide deep energy insights.

Adam Stenftenagel

Adam is a home performance professional and brings a deep understanding of building science, energy modeling, and energy auditing to Fuel Switch. He is a founding board member of the Boulder Green Building Guild.

Benjamin Mailian

Design entrepereneur, UX practitioner & project manager with 12 years of experience in web development. Ben brings deep digital design knowledge and is in charge of service design & user experience

Justin Brown

Justin is our expert for home energy audits and analysis, project management, and on-site installation work. Justin has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dayton in Ohio. Since 2009, he has worked in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries and enjoys working with people to understand complex energy landscapes.  Justin lives in Colorado with his family.

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